The History of Milkwood

Milkwood started out as Woodgate Design - after my family name - when I set the business up in 2000 after first studying Sculpture & then Furniture Design at the old London College of Furniture.  My first joinery workshop was on Southgate Road in Islington, London. Eventually I outgrew it and we moved to Kent to a much bigger workshop in an old dairy building on a farm surrounded by woodland. The farmer who we rent it from remembers milking the cows by hand in our old milking parlour when he was a boy & we decided to incorporate the history of our new premises into the new name for our business.

We’ve been here since 2014 and have invested heavily in new machinery which increases the quality & the possibilities of what we can make. We miss London a bit down here but we love the fact that so many of our existing clients are still there and so we have a very good reason to continue coming up to the capital regularly to fit new furniture for them.

Dick Woodgate.


The old milking parlour before   we renovated &   moved in.

The old milking parlour before we renovated & moved in.