'Anyone can make a mistake'

Goat Kid, Daft Bat by Jeanne Willis

I’ve always considered that what’s important is how mistakes are dealt with, rather than the mistakes themselves.  At Milkwood, we pride ourselves on our degree of organisation and thoroughness which means mistakes very rarely happen or if they do, are spotted early on – but every now and then one inevitably gets past us.  

Embarrassing eh?

As a case in point, here’s an under-eaves cupboard that we installed recently where the framing had been made up too short.


We accepted the error, apologised to the client and, leaving the cupboard in a fully useable state, were back three days later to install the replacement frame section, remade in the workshop to the correct size and spray finished.


Here's how it looked

With the replacement section now in place, the whole frame was gap-filled to the wall using our favourite brand of flexible filler.


And if things were ever to go truly awry while working in your home, Milkwood are covered for any damage to your property up to a value of two million pounds through our business indemnity insurance. We’ve never needed to call upon it yet, but mistakes can happen, right?



Richard Woodgate