Handmade Fitted Alcove Cabinets

Our alcove cabinets come in a variety of styles and formats - as stand alone units or combined with bookcases or floating shelves fitted above.  Cabinets can be spray finished or hand brushed in any colour. 






Solid wood & realwood veneered tops can add warmth & interest to alcove storage.


Natural european oak top.



Oak top alcove cabinet. Fitted in North London, 2016
Walnut wood alcove cabinet. Fitted in North Lndon







WAlnut wood top.






cabinet Fitted in green lanes, north london.




Solid wood cable sleeves & covers - sprayed to match the top - keep wires neatly organised.





We fit discreet touch latches inside our cabinets.  Made in Germany, they operate smoothly &, because they're equipped with soft buffers, quietly too. Just tap the door to open. Or we've a great range of handles & knobs if you prefer.









Existing electrical sockets can be brought forward & neatly re-sited inside the cabinet - or moved elsewhere.



Projecting tops are slightly rounded to visually soften & keep them child-friendly. Frames are fitted seamlessly to the walls.


Milkwood. Bespoke furniture handmade at the old dairy.