Bespoke Handmade Floating Shelves

Elegant 'floating' shelves are made using a variety of natural and engineered timbers and use invisible, internal wall supports. Perfect for alcoves or open walls. Available fitted or as supply only for DIY enthusiasts with our easy fitting kit included.

Our bespoke, floating shelving, offers an elegant storage solution. Blending modern design with functionality, every Milkwood shelf perfectly balances a room and blends seamlessly in with your existing space.

A small selection Of floating shelves in oak, walnut & Iroko timbers & white sprayed MDF.

Other Timber species available are Cherry, Maple, Sapele (Mahogany), Lebanese Cedar, ash, Wenge and Pine - Plus over 100 others to special order. Samples available.

Floating shelves look beautiful in any home. To ensure that our shelves match perfectly with your home, we can make our shelves from over one hundred natural and engineered timber species, including; Cherry, Maple, Sapele, Lebanese Cedar, Ash, Wenge and Pine.

All our shelving can be fitted with invisible internal wall supports to fit in even the most awkward of alcove geometries.

Recessed supports - our unique solution for fitting shelves into really awkward alcove geometries.





Shelves for awkward shaped alcoves. Fitted in Stoke Newington.
Iroko bathroom shelves. Fitted in London, N16.

Our Old Dairy craftsmen have become experts in the wood we use, and will advise you through every step of our design process. From the wood that’s best for your home, to the way we cut it.

An exotic Iroko wood is the perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms, due to its moisture resistant properties.

Other real wood veneers are also available in a moisture resistant form.






Fitted in Stoke Newington





As we handmake each of our shelving units to fit your specifications, our floating shelves can be made to order at any size and virtually any thickness.

We can spray finish in a range of stained lacquers and water resistant veneers to ensure your shelves fit in any room in your house.




Walnut wood floating shelves - 100mm thickness.  

Fitted in Westminster.





Walnut wood bracetkless shelves. Fitted in Westminster.
Stained Oak shelves. Fitted in Notting Hill.

Check out our reclaimed timber shelving below

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, we can provide you with your shelves and our easy fitting kit. Or, if you’d prefer us to come in, we’re more than happy to fit the shelves ourselves - and often take less than a day to do it.

Call us on 01233 732504, or email us on, to ask us what we can do for your home.

Specialist bespoke shelving with baize-lined storage compartments.

Oak, spray finished in stained lacquers.





Fitted in Notting Hill.